If there's anything I've learned over the decade-plus I've been in business for myself is that there are points at which you need to "ship it" and continue working on it.

That's the case with this brand new site. There are many reasons why I've switched from WordPress to Statamic and it's not because I wanted to give myself a ton of headaches and aggravation. I'll go more into this in another article shortly.

There will be spots and sections in this site that aren't quite finished yet and may not be up to the standard of where I'd like them. But the site is close and it's good enough to get into the wild with those blemishes.

Coming from WordPress to Statamic, there will be shortcodes and some other legacy bits carried over that I'm currently working on resolving.

It won't take long, but these odds and ends shouldn't hold up the production of this website and getting it to you.

I'm open to hearing your feedback during this time, but there's a good chance that by the time I see your feedback, whatever oddity you found may very well be fixed/cleaned up/remedied/improved.

I hope it also serves as inspiration for you to launch the "thing" that's been sitting in the "almost done" column. Take imperfect action today and put your "thing" into the wild.

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