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Looking to grow your business? Good. You’re in the right place!

Personal relationships are the backbone of my business. Most of my clients become long-term partners, many of whom have come to me by personal referral. I figure all my customers should be happy customers, and I work hard to make sure that’s true.

Even if you’ve been successful in business for a number of years, the market changes. Technology moves fast. If you stay still, and don’t adjust, your business will be left behind.

I know this because I’ve been in business since 2010 and felt this way — but I’ve totally changed the way I’ve focused and run my business.

This has been my online home since 2000 — yup, that long! It’s been everything from a bunch of animated gifs, to a website being served from a server in my bedroom closet, to catalog of developer tips and processes that I kept as a “notebook”, to the website you see today.

This site is here to get you all the tools, access, and tactics you need to successfully start, grow, and support your business today. Whether you are an online business owner needing web development or email automation services or a freelancer wanting to build recurring revenue in your business.

There are hundreds of posts, podcast episodes with other successful entrepreneurs, downloads, resources, and great content for you to be able to have a successful business in today’s market.

“You’ve been able to help us implement changes that we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own and time is never something we have too much of! You taking the lead, being organized and proactive – I like that!”

/ Gina Horkey, Horkey Handbook


Nice to meet you. I’m Jason

I’m Jason and live in Oceanside, New York. I’m married to the most beautiful girl — Joanna. We have a son, TJ. I enjoy nothing more than spending a ridiculous amount of time with them, family and friends. And, I’m a bit of a sports nut. I love baseball, football, and hockey.

I’m a WordPress developer by trade, and have focused solely on WordPress for several years now. I “grew up” learning Java, went down the Ruby on Rails path, all the while doing custom PHP development. WordPress made sense because I loved how things looked on the backend, but more importantly how it worked on the backend for my customers.

“A rising tide raises all boats.”

The WordPress and freelancer community have been amazing. Those communities are very important to me.

I’ve been a co-host on a podcast centered around WordPress development, called WP Dev Table. I speak, sponsor and attend WordCamps, and can often be found volunteering to lend a hand in various forums and designer communities. I believe in and make it a point to give back whenever I can. I was even asked to host an historic podcast!

What can I say? I just love what I do.

Today, I host a podcast, Live In The Feast. It’s a seasonal, actionable, short podcast to help freelancers take some action ON their business to build recurring revenue.

I’ve been able to reach a dream of mine to be able to be at home during the day to watch my son take his first steps and grow.

This show allows me to introduce you to some amazing entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers who take action to be able to reach their goals and dreams. We discuss everything from getting clients, lead generation, marketing, being productive, tools, and of course have some laughs too.

I’ve always been about helping others. Even my Grandma used to say “Jason always likes to help.”

I host another podcast, Ask Rezzz where I take any and all questions about freelancing and provide my answer. Have one?

For my service clients, I look to be their partner. If their business is growing and succeeding, then I’ve done my job.

For my fellow freelancers, I want you to reach your dreams as I have. It’s the fuel to my fire. I make it a mission to help share my experiences, how I built my business, help you build recurring revenue so that you can take off that Tuesday afternoon without any worry.

The world changed when I met my wife and then again when I met my son. They’ve both made me a better person.

If your business is successful, that means I’ve done my job and I’m successful. Which means that I can now go spend time with my wife and son.