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Your business will GROW, be more EFFICiENT and most of all more successful!

Personal relationships are the backbone of my business. Most of my clients become long-term partners, many of whom have come to me by personal referral. I figure all my customers should be happy customers, and I work hard to make sure that’s true.

You are running a successful business and want to build your online presence even more. With deliberate, thoughtful, and proven actions taken within the code of your website, you can see a great impact in your conversions for people to checkout, give you their email address, plain ol’ become a customer of yours.

Over 65% of people will leave your site prior to making a purchase. Let’s get them to checkout.
There are much better ways to get emails than “Subscribe to my newsletter”.
Stop worrying about if your website is live, fast, reliable, and up to date.
You don’t need to be technical to talk about your business goals online.
Maybe most of all, stop worrying about your code!

Your business is what you are great at. Web development is what I’m great at. Being in lockstep with you along the way allows me to ensure your website is successful.

We don’t make a move on your website without a plan. That plan begins with your goals. Once laid out, then we can put the plan into action. See how the variations of the plan work. Then move forward with the one that works the best!

Nice to meet you. I’m Jason

I’m Jason and live in Queens, NYC, New York. I’m married to the most beautiful girl — Joanna. We have a son, named TJ. I enjoy nothing more than spending a ridiculous amount of time with them, family and friends. And, I’m a bit of a sports nut. I love baseball, football, and hockey.

I’m a WordPress developer by trade, and have focused solely on WordPress for several years now. I “grew up” learning Java, went down the Ruby on Rails path, all the while doing custom PHP development. WordPress made sense because I loved how things looked on the backend, but more importantly how it worked on the backend for my customers.

The WordPress community has been amazing. That community is important to me. I’m a co-host on a podcast centered around WordPress development, called WP Dev Table. I speak, sponsor and attend WordCamps, and can often be found volunteering to lend a hand in various forums and designer communities. I believe in and make it a point to give back whenever I can. I was even asked to host an historic podcast! What can I say? I just love what I do.

See, when we work together, I’ve got your back. (Backend, backups, or just plain back—I got it covered).