11 Lessons on How to Find Clients

11 Lessons on How to find clients

You are selling a service or product and want to have a system that continuously attracts clients and customers in a predictable way, right?

Can I share with you 11 of my top lessons to do so?

These aren’t tips and strategies that are overplayed. These are pretty unique and work amazingly well.

Thanks to my good friend Mark Asquith for inspiring this series of shows.

Mark, is currently running a series of podcasts on his show The 7-Minute Mentor called 11 Podcasting Lessons To Help You To Become An Audio Influencer in Your Niche.

So how do you get more clients? I thought I’d create a series that does just that.

Over the next 11 episodes, I’m going to share with you my top lessons that are tactful, repeatable, and help you establish yourself as an expert so that you not only clients, but get your clients on a consistent basis to build that pipeline.

There are more freelancers and competition out there in the world than ever before and tactics that you see out there that worked last year, 3 and certainly 5 years ago, just won’t work anymore.

Platforms like Upwork and Toptal and others are a race to the bottom. They force you to try and manipulate algorithms and compete with other people on the wrong thing. That’s price.

And while these platforms have many companies and opportunities coming to them every single day, those companies are looking for one thing, the cheapest price possible.

What I believe, and with great reason since I did it myself, is that you can build a sustainable business providing services for clients without selling to hundreds and thousands of people.

You certainly do not need to be dropping your prices, racing to the bottom and spend tons of time trying to figure out an algorithm to stand out.

You can build a business that’s built around your life and your dreams with a small number of carefully selected clients.

Then you can build a system that continually feeds into your pipeline so that you can build a predictable income.

When I say recurring income, most people, and maybe you as well, think that means providing a monthly service. It’s not.

It means that you are selling a service or product that continuously attracts clients and customers in a predictable way.

So that’s what I’m going to share with you over the next 11 episodes.

Lessons to build your business with a core type of client and attract those types of clients that you want to have more of.

They are all based on strategies and tactics that have worked for decades in business that I myself still use to this very day that has allowed me to build a profitable and sustainable client services business for close to a decade here in NY.

If you want more, then head on over to rezzz.com and subscribe. No one taught me when I started out, which is why I failed quite often, but I stayed persistent and share with you over at rezzz.com those tips and strategies that work in today’s market.

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