First, you want to create a page on your website to send folks you are talking to who are looking to you for your specialized service.

On this page it’s important to put 4 sections:

  • Who the service is for?
  • What problem you are solving for them?
  • How you solve that problem?
  • Social proof of the problem and solution

Keep it simple and make a call-to-action to reach out with their request. This can even be to your email address if you want.

The idea is to test the market, not build something complex that you don’t even know will work.

Making funnels and ad campaigns and email automations will come much later on. The time here is best spent talking with potential customers and gauging your new market.

Second, review your existing footprint online, and if your niche market is essentially a re-vamp of your pricing and such, you may want to consider removing your pricing from your website if it’s there.

Just so that there isn’t confusion for your new lead should they find your old pricing.

Keep in mind that you are running your own business, there are no rules to say that you need to have or not have your pricing on your website. If pulling the old pricing down for a month or 2 allows you to freely talk about your new pricing without worry, do it.

Lastly, get those conversations going. In order to see if this niche is viable, it’s not about building out funnels and marketing campaigns. Not yet anyway.

It’s about 2 things:

  • Is the problem of the niche painful enough for you to build a business around?
  • Can you fully understand and grasp the language of that market?

You can only get the answer to these questions through market research.

Think about your early days in building the business you have now. Did you set up marketing funnels and campaigns? No. You spoke with someone, drew up a contract in Word, got a payment via a PayPal link and did the work.

Those roots are where you need to go to when breaking into a niche.

If the answer is “Yes” to the above questions then you can start building the business bit by bit from there.

Specialize and Find your niche

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