Aren’t I leaving money on the table?

The full question is, if I niche down to something specific, either industry, location, or even technology-wise, won’t I be leaving a ton of opportunities and money on the table?

The short answer is “yes”.

Let me explain this a bit more though with an example in this episode why you will actually make more with less.

When you niche down, you become an expert, unique, and everyone knows exactly what is it that you do. They actually listen to you and respect the experience and expertise you have.

You may get less leads into your business, but when you niche down and the leads know exactly what they are getting from you.

Because of this, they are more qualified because they already have a problem that they understand you can solve for them.

As a generalist, they will look at you as a jack of all trades. People who are generalists often have to compete with other generalists on price.

When you are the expert, you can set your own price. Because you can set your own price and can prove with past results you’ve gotten with other clients, the leads will know the results without having to ask you. They respect those results, trust you because of the results you have received for previous clients and will pay for those same results.

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