How do I get better at sales?

“I’m an introvert and I don’t like sales” — “How do I close more deals?” — “How do I get better at sales?” By the end of this episode you’ll know the 3 steps to do just that.

“I get a lot of folks on the phone, but think I should be closing more.”

This is something that I hear quite often and it’s the wrong statement to be making.

You want your sales process to eliminate leads from becoming clients.

You want each stage of your sales to be a locked gate. Keeping out the leads that shouldn’t be your clients and only letting through those leads that you really should be working with.

Getting better at sales is difficult, but not impossible.

It requires practice.

It requires close attention to details.

It also requires you to accept that this is the most business-y part of your business. Which means, you have to build up a bit of a thick skin here. Don’t take rejection personally, instead learn from it and adjust.

There are 2 things that helped me get better at sales.

  • Knowing the type of buyer I’m talking with
  • Being able to answer objections

STEP 1 – Learn from every sales call

Being present during a sales call is a must. You have to be in the moment, listen to everything being said and concentrate on closing the deal, not learning about the interaction.

Though, that’s the only way to learn and get better at sales. Listen to and see patterns in your process to improve.

The ideal thing to do is to record the call so that you can listen back to it later with your learning ears on.

If you can’t, or the lead objects to it for some reason, then be in the moment, but as you take notes, be mindful of objections being said and write them down among your sales notes.

The most important thing to sales is being able to answer objections, so take note of them.

STEP 2 – What type of buyer are you talking with?

Understand the type of buyer you are talking with. In the services business, there are 5 types of buyers:

  • Are they a price buyer and want to just get the lowest price they can?
  • Are they a value buyer and want quality and price isn’t a concern?
  • Are they the “know-it-all” buyer that feel they know how to do your job?
  • Are they the “wishy-washy” buyer that really don’t know what they want?
  • Are they the “go-between” buyer that say they are a decision maker, but not really?

One lead can be a mix of these but identifying which one they are as early as possible will help you in figuring out how to handle them and where to lead them.

Tomorrow we’ll go into how to overcome objections in sales.

Each of the different types will have different objections. The fun part is that objections don’t always come in the form of conflict or trying to corner you to do something you don’t.

We’ll dive deep on this important piece to the puzzle tomorrow so that in the next sales call you have, you’ll be better prepared to not just overcome them, but maintain your position as the expert in the conversation.

You rock! 🤘

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