What are the biggest mistakes a freelancer can make?

Performing a search on Google of the biggest mistakes in freelancing and you’ll find over 10 million results.


Sad thing is that prior to this episode, I took a look at the lists in the first page to see if my list had any overlap.

There are a ton of mistakes any freelancer can make. But what I think you want to hear are the mistakes that another freelancer has made.

So that’s what I want to share with you today. The 15 mistakes that I made throughout my career of nearly a decade. And how to avoid them!

  1. Not positioning yourself within the market
  2. Taking on a partner that doesn’t align with your goals
  3. Jumping into every client request immediately
  4. Reacting right away to a potential lead
  5. Client work always winning
  6. Discounting
  7. Not always doing some sales and marketing
  8. Not following up with everyone
  9. Not respecting your time
  10. Not building your own personal brand
  11. Not trusting your gut
  12. Time management
  13. Thinking like an employee
  14. Settling
  15. Not keeping your goal in mind

We all mistakes. But those mistakes don’t have to be failures. A failure is something that happens that you don’t learn from. Making these mistakes isn’t the end of the world, but if you can understand the mistake, how it’s happening and then address it, you’ll grow your freelancing business.

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