What is the #1 business trend for 2019?

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why I’ve been asked this. I’m honored, but I’m not in any sort of position to give a great answer.

Simply because I’m one who studies business trends and not in that analytical type of position.

With that being said though, I’d like to share an aspect of the business that I’ve seen grow and produce amazing results, not just in my business, but other businesses as well.

On Live In The Feast Season 4 and as I’m recording Season 5, the co-hosts who have come on the show and shared their experiences and insight have all talked about sales and marketing at a personal level.

When I say personal level, I mean that they are doing things that are unscalable like high-touch sales, like personalized videos, like one-on-one sessions.

They are doing things like creating welcome packages like what Andrew Askins, founder of Krit, spoke about in Episode 10.

I’ve found in my own business indications from prospects that they want a more customized, a more personalized experience.

When I think about my own buying habits, more often than not I lean in the direction towards getting a great experience more than anything else.

For example Podcast Royale, who edits and does all the production work for Live In The Feast. Can I get what they do for a lower cost, maybe?

But the experience I have when working with them. The feeling of knowing that all I need to do is record and put the files in Dropbox and the episode will cross the finish line and be published.

The back and forth conversations, feedback and advice is an experience that I’m happy to pay for.

If you are wondering why you aren’t closing more deals or maybe not getting repeat projects from a client, are you doing anything to better their experience?

I’m not saying that you need to send them away on an all expense paid vacation, but is there anything that you are doing to stand out and create a memorable moment in their minds.

This could be sending them a small gift for signing a contract with you. Maybe a wooden coaster with their logo on it. (Thank you, Agency Highway podcast).

Maybe it’s a hard copy of your onboarding sequence that you normally send via email.

Something that’s unique enough that allows you to stand out from all those just going through the motions.

I’m not going to say that it won’t cost you a small investment. Maybe even a bit of time to do. But that gesture is something that will delight them and make you memorable.

You rock! 🤘

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