How do you turn the things I do into benefits?

Just like yesterday’s show which is What makes a great case study?, this show is all about the reader too.

Before jumping into today’s show, I want you to load up Twitter.

Type in @rezzz and then put in your website URL and hit enter.

I’ll tell you in a just minute why, but what else do you have to lose? It’s a free shout-out to your website right?

It was back in 2014 when the light clicked for me.

I was going through a re-branding effort. See up until then I had created my own logos, either a friend or myself would design my website, and I wrote all my own content based on what I had in my own head.

Sure I was doing just fine with my business then, but I felt as if I could do better. Not just in business, but as a personal brand.

See I was very technical, but what I was hearing from clients was that I was able to translate the geek speak, the techno mumbo jumbo into plain english.

I hung my hat on that for years because it was something that I learned how to do very early on in my career. In fact the trick was to to put myself into a position where I had to explain the tech to my Grandma.

And so when I started down the road of re-branding, which let’s be honest, it was a branding effort, my branding expert, Megan Gray said during her consultation session with me “This makes total sense, so why isn’t that done on your website?”

I paused, and didn’t have an answer for her.

Write about the benefits, not the features

See I had nothing but features all over my website. Things like “custom plugin development, security scans, monitoring, ecommerce strategy.”

While all these things had value, they didn’t speak to the potential client, they spoke about what I do.

Megan and I went through all the content on my website services page and rewrote all the things.

Turing things from “custom plugin development” into “Have an idea for your website? Let’s talk about that”

Turning things like “ecommerce strategy” into “Get 2 times more buyers through your checkout process with simple tweaks.”

Did Megan have some secret sauce or recipe to do this?

Not really, but what she was able to do with me during our session was to reframe my thinking to be “you” focused, rather than “I” focused.

Always keep your client in mind when talking about your services

Think about it when you shop, do you care how the TV was made or how the car maker used the latest and greatest technology?

No, you care if the TV has the best view angles because your couch will be sitting on an angle to the tv.

You care that that car gets great gas mileage because you are driving a lot and don’t want to spend every other day filling the tank.

Address your clients’ concerns, pique their interest, and speak to the benefits.

See that URL you tweeted a few minutes ago, what I’m going to do is reply back with a few “you” focused benefits based on your existing feature driven content.

I’m doing this to help reframe your mindset to spark the interest your potential clients have when reading your website because you’ve spoken directly to their end results.

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