How do I know James?

James owns a company called Content Snare that helps freelancers and agencies get content from clients.

This was a really fun episode because James and I are in the same circles around the web, we just haven’t had an opportunity to meet yet in person being on opposite sides of the planet and all. We both have a fondness for automation that, well can border on the line of obsession.

So when James DM’d me and invited to me come onto his podcast, Agency Highway, it was a no-brainer. I knew that we’d be unpacking so much together.

In this episode, I had a chance to talk about the following:

Demand higher rates by following this specialization framework

In case you don’t want to read the rest of this post, you can check out the full episode for all the details.

And for the second podcast we did together on Lead Generation

In the episode, which was jammed pack with laughs, I shared a variety of things including:

  • What was the best thing that happened to me this year
  • How taking time out to reflect on your business can help in so many ways
  • How niching helps you raise your rates, and not niching leads to burnout

Specifically, I talk about the 4 quadrants of niching down. Which is the process I teach my coaching clients and those inside of Feast on.

The main takeaways from this show are:

  • Fears are just excuses
  • You will leave money on the table when specializing, but the opportunity to deliver better solutions to fewer clients positions you as an expert that commands higher prices.
    • Get a list of red flags to filter clients through when going through your sales process so you don’t end up working with bad clients.
  • Put everyone through your vetting process, especially referrals from previous clients. Good chance if they are from your “generalist” days, they won’t be ideal for you now.

Definitely go check it out.

If you have a chance too, check out a few of the other episodes as well.

I’d like to thank James for being a part of it and included along amazing folks like Troy Dean, Jennifer Bourn, and James Schramko

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