If you haven’t yet listened to Ep 142 How do I set a goal? go do so. It’s a quick 6 minutes where you will learn what a SMART goal is and the important 3 pieces about SMART goals to pay close attention to.

This structure can certainly be used for any goal of any type, but for the sake of this example, let’s assume that this will be a goal for your business.

Example of a SMART Goal

Name your goal

This first thing you’ll want to do is give your goal a name. Give the goal a name that’s positive and specific.

Don’t just name your goal “Make $100k” Instead name it “$100k in a year to help others and my own business grow”

Brings that element of feeling into the goal that creates a sense of attachment.

Type of goal

The second part is the type of goal. What kind of goal is it, let’s assume it’s a business goal, but could easily be fitness, spiritual, etc.

Why is it important

Why is this goal important, especially now! You’ve heard me talk about the 5 Whys Technique in episode 63 How do you price your work as a freelance web developer (Part 2) when unpacking your clients’ root cause, in this case, I want you to use the phrase “so that.”

When you are writing down the why, follow that up with “so that” to allow yourself to dive deeper.

In our example here about making $100k, it could look like. “This is important because it’ll grow my business so that I have a proven set of results to put in my portfolio. So that I can stop taking on sub-contract work. So that I can pick which clients and projects to work with.”

Go 3 levels deep on this to really unpack the goal. This will help you build clarity in the goal.

Give yourself a deadline

Set a deadline for the goal. Unfortunately, when it comes to things that are hard or things that we are supposed to do, humans won’t do it.

Putting a timeframe around your goal is needed to put us into gear.

How to accomplish your goal

Since you have the deadline defined, it’s time to work backward. When working backward, it’s a matter of defining some key leading indicators or milestones to hit, so you can create that momentum of wanting to continue on.

In this process, you’ll start figuring out what it is that you need to do in order to accomplish this goal on a daily or weekly basis.

I had a great conversation with Ryan Carson, founder of Treehouse, where he said that in order to accomplish the great things, you need to be ok with doing the mundane things every day.

Reflect and Celebrate the win!

In episode 119 Do you have any tip to increase productivity and motivation? I share how to go about celebrating wins.

Don’t be afraid of giving yourself a reward here. Once you finish the goal, whether you’ve accomplished it or not, there was a ton of hard work involved and you grew from the journey.

Take time and recognize the goal and give yourself a nice reward.

Document the result too. Like I said, whether you ultimately reach the goal or not, you put in the work to get there.

You grew from going through it.

Inside Feast we run a “Moving the needle” Challenge. While we do set SMART goals at the beginning and people do reach them, it isn’t about actually reaching the goals, it’s about the journey and setting better business habits in place.

Setting the wheels in motion to creating better habits, making progress and becoming better at what you do, that’s what matters.

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