Finding Clients Lesson #10: Who do you hang with?

11 Lessons on How to find clients

I’m continuing here today with the tenth lesson in the “Finding clients” series.

This is the no-nonsense series of lessons that work in today’s market to find clients you want to be working with on a consistent basis.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who do you hang with?

And I’m not talking about your family and friends either. That you are on your own (although support matters so choose wisely).

What I mean is the group of business colleagues and friends you can trust. That you can bounce ideas off around with. That you can be frank and give them the real you.

There are different communities and groups you can join obviously.

I’m going to share something very important with you in a minute here on why all this matters.


High level masterminds can be both paid and free. Maybe, like myself, you have been a part of one or both kinds already.

What I’ve found from them is that you really have to connect with them like no other group. At first, find a common aspect that you can appreciate in the others. Find a common element within the group that makes the group stronger than the individuals combined. This could be something like a goal each of you have. It could be that each of you work online or have a store. It could be location too.

That element will spark the idea to join but also be able to carry you through. Because once that initial euphoria and emotion and excitement dies down after a few meetings, you’ll need that something to carry you through.

Paid Memberships & Closed Groups

These are very similar. From my experience though the closed groups are usually those that are ran by someone in business who you’ve become close with and then start up.

Whereas paid memberships and communities, like Feast for example, are built on the specificity of the transformation of those who join.

These are often built on the back of courses, but the community is often where bonds are formed and relationships are built because you want to accomplish similar things in your business.

In those relationships too is gold. I have friends that have grown out of those communities that I paid to be in.

I’ve received lots of work from inside those communities directly or indirectly through referrals.

When you joined a mastermind or closed community, you know that the people in there are willing to invest into their growth. Whether that’s time and/or money.

They are also amazing avenues for warm leads too because they are running a business, understand what you do, and then can refer you work when the opportunity arises.

Here’s the biggest, most important reason why who you hang with is important though. Accountability.

You don’t want to disappoint someone who you respect.

When you tell that someone you will do something, you’ll want to rise up no matter what and do it.

If you don’t respect someone, then you won’t care whether you disappoint someone or not.

Who you hang with is vital to your business growth, finding clients, because it’s your reputation and reputation matters in business now more than ever.

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