Finding Clients Lesson #5: Buy a cup of coffee

11 Lessons on How to find clients

I’m continuing here today with the fifth lesson in the “How to Find Clients” series.

This is the no-nonsense series of lessons that work in today’s market to find clients you want to be working with on a consistent basis.

Today’s lesson will help you stay front of mind 2 different ways.

We are all busy and there’s only so much time in any given day.

Business though is all about the people. Whether you are a running a solo owned and operated business like me or running an agency, you have to be out there not just seen to sell, but also to provide value.

If you are always out there every day pushing ads, pushing leads, asking 9 out of 10 times, then you’ll be put on the top of the pile. Just like all that junk mail you get both in your inbox on your phone and the thing that’s hanging off the front of your house.

What I want you to do in the next 24 hours is this. Goto Starbucks and send an e-gift card to all of your clients.

Just to say “Thank you!”

It’s nothing overly difficult to do, right? The gesture goes a long way though.

Expect nothing from them either. What you are doing is creating a memorable moment in their minds.

Do this once or twice a year and switch up the gift. Since you did an e-gift card this time, go ahead and send some customized gift next time.

The second way is to answer a question.

I’ve built half of my business in 6 months with this lesson alone.

The social web is full of questions, pick out a topic or problem that your clients have and then monitor the web for those types of questions and keywords. Then when one hits, jump into that thread and share a link, resource, or helpful answer.

I do this with my Drip and ConvertKit services. And early on in my business, I did this with WooCommerce as well.

It doesn’t have to be a specific platform or tool either, although that makes it someone what easier.

Look at the questions your clients are asking you, and then pull out those keywords. “get more phone calls from my site”, “install X”, “what’s the best way to Y”, etc are all easy to jump into those conversations.

As you continue to do that, you’ll be in a much better and more referable spot to get work.

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