Finding Clients Lesson #6: Get Yourself On A Podcast

11 Lessons on How to find clients

I’m continuing here today with the sixth lesson in the “How to Find Clients” series.

This is the no nonsense series of lessons that work in today’s market to find clients you want to be working with on a consistent basis.

Today’s lesson is something that will have you stand out above all others to your market by going onto a podcast that has the ears of your potential clients.

Podcasting is HUGE and growing every day.

You are reading the show notes from one right now in fact, right?

With Spotify kicking the door of Apple’s podcast castle a couple of weeks ago, it’s a medium that’s firmly planting itself into the mainstream.

Ask your clients what podcasts they listen to.

If your clients don’t listen to podcasts, then pull up Apple Podcasts and search for the industry that you work in.

Non-Profits, E-Commerce, Manufacturing, Drone Photography, Sports, etc there is a podcast out there.

Go listen to a few episodes of a podcast that has more than 35 episodes and their most recent episode is in the past few weeks.

This is so that you know that they do have an audience they are broadcasting to.

You can also look at the number of ratings and reviews too. If they have some, then you know that the audience is engaged too.

Look at the episodes, see the kinds of topics they talk about, but also pay attention to some of the gaps that are missing that you can help fill.

This is the important part to remember.

If you are just adding to the firehose, the host won’t pay attention

However, if you do reach out, you want to make your ask super relevant and focused.

Bonus points if you go ahead and share some episodes and tag the host. You’ll pop on their radar and when you go ahead and contact the host, they’ll at least recognize you a little bit.

Every host knows that when they receive an email or DM asking to be on the show that it’s self-serving, so don’t try and beat around the bush too much.

Keep it short, super relevant and focused on adding value to their audience and you’ll be positioned to land that guest spot.

If you know another guest that’s already been on the show, ask that person for the introduction.

And finally, when you do make contact, keep it about their audience and not of yourself. The only time you should mention anything about you is where you fill in a gap.

“Hi Pete – I loved Ep 27 when you were speaking about how important it is for marketability of the business to leverage local Google search. Then in Ep 34, you shared a few tools that you use to do some comparative analysis.

My name is Jason and I provide a service to my clients for marketing comparative analysis. If you think that it would resonate with your audience, I’d love to share all that I know and the process that I walk through with my clients with your audience.”

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