Finding Clients Lesson #7: Your Up Level Skills

11 Lessons on How to find clients

I’m continuing here today with the seventh lesson in the “Finding Clients” series.

This is the no-nonsense series of lessons that work in today’s market to find clients you want to be working with on a consistent basis.

Today’s lesson will help you work with clients you had in the past with things that you now know because it’s the future.

In lesson #4, you learned about the Sneak Peek. You are on this constant cycle of learning.

You improve your craft each and every day because it’s that practice that refines the skills you have and allows you to learn new things.

You solve problems every single day whether you realize it or not.

If you are a developer, you learn that a new library will help you build out something that once you would’ve had to build yourself from scratch.

If you are a designer, you learn that there is a new technique or trend that’s making sites perform better on mobile because it makes the UX better.

We gloss over these in our every day because they happen quite often.

Our clients though, they don’t stay on top of the things we do. They get what they paid for, they love it and then move forward.

3 months ago you no doubt had a project where there was a challenge that you had to overcome in some way that due to time, budget, or both, you and the client agreed on a particular path for solving that problem.

Today, that problem is solved by a new piece of software you found, a step-by-step how-to on YouTube, or that you merely learned a better way because the client you are working with today gave the breathing room for you to explore the better path to the solution.

Go back to that client from 3 months ago, open the door of the conversation by refreshing their memory on the conversation you both had. Then share with them how you solved it today and why it would benefit them.

If what you did today is the same recipe, the same solution for your past client. You’ve put in the time and effort and already have had the solution paid for. Offer that solution for a price that makes it a complete no-brainer to your past client.

They’ll say “yes” and here’s why. You already know that they wanted it because you did something already with them that was a solution. They see the benefit and value in it. But there were sacrifices to be made there because of costs or time or both that prohibited the full solution to be implemented.

Second, they trust you. If you did a good job with them, they’ll be receptive to you and understand that you are coming to them with something that will help them.

Lastly, say this 100%, A+ solution was an investment of $1,000 for your client on this project and took you 10 hours to get done. It cost your client last time $250 and took 3 hours for the B solution.

Offer your past client the A+ solution for $500, get it done for them in an hour or 2. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Your client gets the full benefit they want but didn’t have to pay the full price, and you’ve built something you can now offer, that does a great job at solving a problem that 2 clients had. So you know there are others out there with a similar issue.

That’s the beginnings of a productized service.

You rock! 🤘

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