Finding Clients Lesson #8: Brag about your clients

11 Lessons on How to find clients

I’m continuing here today with the eighth lesson in the “Finding clients” series.

This is the no-nonsense series of lessons that work in today’s market to find clients you want to be working with on a consistent basis.

Today’s lesson will help leads relate to your existing clients. It will also give your clients a boost. Can I share with you 2 ways to do this so easily and so effectively that doesn’t require you to build out a new page on your site or take hours to put together?

Testimonials, social proof, and portfolios are all bits of proof for our track record.

They are the curated elements of your business that showcase what it is that you do and prove that you’ve done it.

However, there’s a piece missing to the puzzle that’s most often overlooked.

The reason the track record needs to be there is not for you, but for the leads.

Someone who may be looking at your services wants to see that you’ve done it, but also that you’ve solved their specific problem, maybe with a business that’s just like theirs.

Replace a social share

No doubt you are shooting out links or resources into the social media firehose.

I encourage you over the course of a week, replace one of those shares with a quick win you gave to your client.

If you wrapped up a project recently with a client, put out a tweet sharing that. But not saying you completed a project with Company X. Simply share what the benefit was to your client by completing the project together and then tagging your client’s Twitter account.

This can be as simple as something like “Stoked to be able to help Client A save 10 hours a week by building them automation that no longer requires hand copying and pasting.”

Or could be a share on Facebook or Instagram where you can dive a bit more into the design decisions of a project and share a nice visual.

Write about your clients to your leads

I hear it time and time again that you don’t have an email list.

You have had someone write you an email to do work for them, right?

Well, that’s your email list.

Next month, in your monthly newsletter, highlight a client of yours and the benefits that the client got out of the project and working with you.

Doesn’t have to be some elaborate write-up. Touch upon 3 items and the benefits of each one.

The reason this is effective is leads don’t know all the corners of everything that you can do. They also don’t know the full benefits of what they can get by working on their project with you.

Often I’ll hear something like “Oh really, I didn’t realize that was a part of that” or “Oh! That’s pretty sweet. Didn’t even think of that.”

Keep it simple, but put it out there into the world and you’ll get these types of reactions because your track record is now about them, not you.

You rock! 🤘

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