What is the first step in productizing your service?


It’s not sexy. It’s not fun, but if you are looking to transition your services into a productized service, you need to document everything you do.

Productizing your service is all about profits and processes. How you trim your processes over time and become more efficient at delivering your service to your clients, you increase your profits.

The only way to understand your processes to optimize them is through documentation.

You’ll need to document everything from your sales process, onboarding process, how you deliver, and everything in between.

There are tools out there to help, but all you really need is Google Drive.

This will allow you to share documentation with your team or even if you are by yourself, you can see your documentation anywhere on any device.

Please note that when you start documenting, it’s going to add time to whatever task you are doing because you’ll be taking screenshots, copying and pasting things, and bouncing back and forth between windows and tabs.

But there’s no better time than to start doing it today.

On the very next thing you do for a client, open up a brand new document and create yourself a few sections.


Why is this document is important. You’ll want to in a few short sentences explain the importance of this process to your business and your client’s business.


Drop in a link to the screencast here. I’ll expand upon this here in a minute.


List out in a step-by-step guide the process. Include screenshots, URLs, etc. Be as specific and detailed as you can be. A good trick I learned was to write this document as if my grandmother was going to read this. Would she be able to go through this document and get the “thing” done.

Important Item of Note

This final piece is just one sentence at the end to hit home the importance of this process.

Yes, it may seem repetitive but with long documents we can sometimes want to skip steps and just get to the bottom. This bolded and underlined statement will reinforce the “why” statement and be a reminder for you.

The quickest way to document

The quickest way to document is to record yourself. You can create a recording using any number of tools now. Screenflow, Loom, Camtasia all make it super simple.

If you press record and then take the few minutes and talk through all the steps, you can then turn that into a document by having it transcribed.

Talking is much easier and faster than typing, having it transcribed for you to then go back through and edit is much quicker.

Using a tool like Rev.com it is $1/minute. So for $5 for a 5 minute recording you could have a 3 page documented process all written up for you.

Throw the original recording up on Dropbox to look back on and put that share link in the Screencast section.

Iterate over time

This document lives as an asset to your business. Brian Casel who I learned everything I know about productization says that having a library of documents IS the business.

It allows you to hand off pieces of the business to get done and know it will be done the way it needs to be.

That document is now living for the business and others will expand and change it as they learn to become more efficient with it.

They may even find new ways to do it better and allowing them to change this document only serves the business better.

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