You don’t need to spend a ton of money on Facebook or Google Ads to generate awareness and grow your business. Look at Dropbox as a simple example.

What they did was create a free tool that made it easy for people to download, put on their computer, and share files with others.

Simple, effective, and most of all useful.

How can you do this with your services? Easy, create something useful for your target client that you can give away for free.

Let’s say you are an ecommerce developer?

Create a calendar of dates over the year that are important sale days for ecommerce shops to keep in mind.

If you are a designer, how many mockups of websites have been tossed aside over the years? Tons I’m sure. Bundle up a few of them and release that as website templates.

If you are a photographer, package up a bunch of photos and release them as stock photography.

Offer these up as freebies on your website that folks can get in exchange for their email address.

You want to make your free thing specific enough to your ideal client so that it attracts them to you and what you offer.

Grow your audience

Create a shareable loop so that when someone downloads the thing, it’s super simple for them to get a bonus or next thing if they go ahead and share.

This could be as easy or as complex as you want.

The most complex would be to install a referral program where you can have the person share links and can award people who share the most with some prize.

There are plenty of these tools out there like KingSumo, Kickoff Labs, Vyper, and UpViral.

Or make it super simple and drop in share links where people can quickly click the link to share it with their audience.

Make your prize as specific to your ideal client as well.

If you are giving away an iPad as your prize then that will just attract a bunch of folks who could careless about you and your business and just wants a free iPad.

Make it a 15-minute free consultation, social media templates, whatever that makes sense as the next step.

Remember you want your free thing to attract someone who could potentially become a client, so you’ll want to give away something of value to them and their business.

Then as they get that free thing, offer something of more value in exchange for them to spread your great freebie. That creates a viral loop.

Not going to say that it’s going to attract thousands of leads, may not even get you hundreds of leads. But once this is up and on your website, it’s a leveraged piece of lead generation that you now have that is a gateway for leads to your business.

If they come into your business from that freebie, you now know a piece of the puzzle about what is important to them and have a conversation starter.

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