Everyone’s businesses are different and unique. Just like them as a person.

Some freelancers I’ve spoken with grow agencies, others stay solo.

Some have aspirations of hiring a large team or scaling a product.

It’s very different and that’s why when someone asks me “why don’t you grow your business?” I often respond with “why?”

See I like being comfortable in my own lane. Having a few select clients on the roster that supports my family and allows us to live the life we want is perfect.

It also allows me to do things like this podcast, coaching, and build products.

I left the world of managing teams of developers when I quit the 9-to-5.

As my business matured though, I dabbled in the hiring process and bringing on people. I quickly realized that it wasn’t something I wanted to do.

Took a few failed attempts at growing a team on my part to realize that staying solo and being responsible for consistent income for my own family to live off of was what I wanted.

There is a pretty big focus in various communities that you need growth to be successful.

Someone who I have respected for quite a long time since I went freelance is Paul Jarvis.

Recently this year, I was lucky to have him come on Live In The Feast and then chat with him off-the-record too.

I’ve admired him from afar for the reason that he’s been able to run a very successful and lucrative business being a one-man show.

He’s coming out with a book called Company of One in January. He did not ask me to talk to you about this book. But you can go to ofone.co and pre-order it. When you do you’ll get the first chapter of the book.

I have to say as a non-reader, I’m excited for this book to come out.

He and a few others that I follow, really speak to the idea of “staying in your lane” and maybe going a few degrees left and right, but growing and scaling a business isn’t the goal of everyone.

If you are feeling pressure from others, or from comparing yourself to others on growing your business, stop and ask “why?”

You don’t have to be the next agency in SF or NY. Be the business that you want. Help the clients you want to work with.

Obviously be profitable in the process, but stay in your lane if that’s what you want and don’t let pressure or comparisons force you to a place that you don’t want to be.

Growing your freelance business

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