Did hiring a mentor really help you with starting up your business or your career?

Just by answering this question and exploring all the things that I learned from Alex, who was my mentor early in my career, I wonder why it took me until 1 failed attempt at going full-time with my own business and almost another time before I realized that I should hire a mentor.

There are different types of mentors though.

Virtual Mentors, Personal Coaches, Business Coaches, In-Person Mentors, Mastermind Groups.

Some you do have to pay for, some you can follow and learn from just with all the content they provide.

To answer the question though, if you really want to make an impact starting your company or your project, paying for a mentor would be the most helpful to you.

In this episode I’m going to share with you the 4 benefits of hiring a coach or mentor. Then dive into 3 things to keep in mind when looking around for one.

  • You’ll want to find someone who has experience in what you want help in.
  • You want to find someone who you mesh with at a personal level.
  • Find someone who can coach you in the way you learn from best.

There are so many awesome people who are mentors and coaches out there.

But you need to figure out what you want help on specifically and then with the steps above, find the one for you.

If you are a developer or designer who is freelancing, not looking to build a large agency, but looking to niche down and specialize your business to build recurring revenue, let’s have a chat. No strings attached, just want to learn more about you and why you do what you do.

You rock! 🤘

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