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I feel that my answer to this question you can apply to really any product at all.

Because it’s really all about who your tool is for. And finding more of them to get as customers.

You may be able to get a link or two on some blogs someplace, but to be honest, I haven’t had much success in that strategy because you’ll have to spend a ton of time in a great cold outreach campaign that odds are will yield limited results for you.

A better approach would be to run a podcast tour instead, which you can find podcasts that your target market listens to. That may get you in front of the right kind of customers more effectively. Plus show your authority to your potential customers in a way that’s much more personal than a guest blog post.

I’m making the assumption that this is an online tool. Potentially a Saas product that you are looking to get freelancers to pay you monthly for.

With that in mind, you obviously want to get it into the hands of your target market, if you haven’t done so already, with a free trial or some other kind of offer.


Yes, you say freelancers, but are they aspiring freelancers, have they just started freelancing, or are they experienced freelancers.

Each of these 3 types of freelancers has a different need for their business. They also have a much different view on spending money.


If you are still in the idea stage and looking to see if this is a viable tool to offer the market, then look on reddit, Twitter, Facebook groups, even Quora where your target market spends time.

See if you can find influencers on these platforms that folks follow. Then by adding value to their conversations that the influencers are having, you’ll become visible to those followers.

Then you can reach out to those freelancers separately that are a good fit for your product and talk with them about it. See if it’s something they’d have interest in


If you haven’t launched it yet, then get a bunch of freelancers into your tool to test it out. Ask them for reviews, testimonials, maybe sharing out a sign-up page in exchange for a “founder” rate that they’ll be grandfathered in with.

Set a number that you want to reach in a specific time period to accept folks in with and then close those doors.


Ask your current customers to share it out, or tweet, or run an affiliate program. Your current customers are the best testimonials to potential customers. Make it fun for them to be able to promote you.

I hope this was helpful and sparked some ideas for you if you are trying to build a product or even build a brand new service for your clients.

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