How do I find out if the niche has value?

In freelancing, the best way to research is to talk with people.

You want to jump into some quick and easy questions.
1. How is everything going?
2. What made the decision for you to choose me over someone else?
3. Is there anything that I can be doing better?

As you wrap up the conversation ask them if they know of anyone like themselves that has a similar project and that you would appreciate a quick introduction.

Now if you don’t have any past clients in that quadrant you built out in “How do I choose the niche?” because you are just starting out or you haven’t worked with anyone that you really enjoyed yet, you can still do this.

Take the 3 questions above with you and start up some conversations. To make it less overwhelming, go to the event and have 3 conversations at a minimum where you get these answers.

These conversations will also lead in to you getting work overtime because you are talking about that “one thing” and starting to lay the groundwork for being the expert.

You rock! 🤘

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