I think this is an awesome idea to use retainers to build recurring revenue in your freelance business. This is something I’ve done for myself.

So you won’t hear anything but that this is a great idea for you.

How you do it though, that’s the real test and hard work aspect of this.

There are 3 points I want to make here to help you on the path to shifting your business into recurring revenue.

  1. You must nail down your offer and solution
  2. Know exactly who you are talking to and talk in their own language
  3. You have to stick to your guns

In Episode 6 - What’s the best way to pivot if you are serving a new niche?

I shared with you a bunch of tactics that would apply to this question to, so definitely go have a listen to that as well.

Specialize and Find your niche

It took me a long time to realize that being everything to everyone was a fast track to the feast or famine cycle. Here is where you’ll find the latest answers to finding your niche and making sure it's a profitable niche.
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