How do I pitch some big companies in my niche?

This question came by way of a Twitter DM but they didn’t want me say their name.

But they followed up this question with some more context.

but I’m nervous to get a “no” from them now (or getting ignored) and never have an opportunity with them again.

The First Impression is Not The Last

I had these same thoughts especially when I first started freelancing.

I always thought that the first impression was the last.

I want to tell you that it’s not!

In fact, I landed 2 very large clients after having spoken to them previously about other projects.

Big companies are very focused on what their plans and goals are. If you don’t fit into the mix at first glance, that’s ok. They may recognize your talents and keep you in mind when it’s a better fit.

In episode 79, I shared with you how to attract larger clients.

The key is to know the problem that you are solving for them.

If you continue to do that for other larger companies, then even if they pass on you the first time, you’ll continue to build up a nice portfolio of other large client case studies and that’s positions you more of someone who can help them.

This question comes with a sense of imposter syndrome. This is where you get in your own way. You are inside your head and that is what is limiting you.

How to Pitch and Follow Up with Large Clients

How you pitch them is all about confidence. If you pitch with this self-doubt, it’ll show.

If you follow up too fast, it’ll show a bit of desperation, maybe even sabotage yourself too.

Big companies are made up of people, just like small companies.

You need to be speaking with the decision maker, they have their own lives outside of work, and they want what’s best for them and the company.

Keep your pitch simple, effect, and level-headed.

When the pitch is over, follow up as if you would with any other prospect.

Continue on with business as usual.

If the pitch dies on the vine and you don’t hear back, then move on.

Put them into a past lead followup sequence that keeps you front of mind.

In this sequence

  • showcase some wins you’ve had with other clients
  • talk about the industry as a whole
  • add value by sending links that are relevant to the conversations you’ve had with them
  • if you are headed to events where they are, let them know

This sequence will help you in building a long lasting relationship with that company, show your expertise, and that you are a professional and not just someone who’s popped up looking to get their logo on your website.

Then when that opportunity presents itself for that company to hire outside, you’ll be front of mind and first in line.

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