One of the best ways, in today's freelance market, to get the right kind of leads to your business is by way of partnerships.

It may make sense for a web developer to partner up with a designer.

It may make sense for an SEO to partner up with a writer.

But I would ask yourself, are my existing clients asking for these services?

Make sure that your clients are finding a fit for your new offering.

Finding a good fit for a partnership means that your clients want what’s being offered and it makes sense, both from a time and money perspective, for your business to offer it.

If it is a good fit, then here’s how you find a partner.

In episode 83, I shared my answer to a question someone asks about wanting to do web and software development along with digital marketing all at the same time.

First, find your focus, your core offering, and then branch out into the others where it fits to augment and make your core offering much better.

The same is idea applies here.

If it is a good fit, then here’s how you find a partner.
1. Make connections at events
2. Social Media
3. Build relationships
4. Ask
5. Google

Be careful with who you partner with, remember your name is going on the service and recommendation. If you aren’t fully confident in the job that they can do, then it’s better not to even offer it.

The partnership should be an added bonus to your services that increase the value that you are bringing to your clients and increases the value of your offerings for your business.

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