Managing client expectations is one of the most important pieces of your freelance business.

For one, most of the time you are working remotely and not seeing the person on an every day basis. So trust and reliability can wane very quickly.

During the sales process, you as the professional are earning the trust of the client with your experience and knowledge around the services the prospective client is looking for.

This is when that trust is being earned. During this time is when you should be talking about the aspects of your services that you will do. Equally as important though is outlining those aspects of your services that you will not do.

I’ve seen people, and I too, have gotten into trouble where there wasn’t a clear definition of services.

There isn’t anything wrong with explicitly telling a lead what you won’t do. Look, most won’t know that SEO and development of their website are 2 entirely different aspects of the live site. They just see it as work on the website.

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