How do you prevent, manage scope creep in your projects?

Scope creep worries even the most experienced freelancer. After a hard lesson early on in my career, I don’t look at scope creep as being something that’s a bad thing anymore. It’s more of an opportunity to be honest.

Now don’t get me wrong, scope creep when handled wrong can kill everything about a project. The deadline, profitability, the trust. So it’s so very important that scope creep is handled in the best way possible.

Remember scope creep starts with a simple ask. Usually, it’s the client asking if something can be done.

Don’t immediately jump on it to get it done, but don’t immediately dismiss it either. Take note of it. Write it down some place even. Time to keep track of it.

You will learn the easy 3 step process on how to handle scope creep the best way possible so that you can maintain client trust and successfully complete the project.

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