With the income of the house based on freelancing, I share 3 tips and tactics to keeping the house running smoothly, especially with a 1-year-old running around.

This question is inspired by 2 people, one is Scott, a Feast member, who sent me an email yesterday that said “I don’t know how you find the time to do all you do.”

Then another person who I’ve known for some time through Twitter, Amber Turner. Go check out her site and amberturner.com. She posted a great article talking about her life transition in both her freelancing and personal life.

In this article she talked about and I’m paraphrasing a bit here, on how the content around freelancing talks about things that other freelancers have done in the past, but are out of touch because they no longer do freelancing.

Or content that’s focused on the business end of freelancing. This content even talks about how freelancing can give you the life you want, yet doesn’t talk about the life part of it, or the journey as they walk through it.

You aren’t alone Amber. I’ve noticed both of these types of content a lot lately too. Freelancing has been around for a while now and I feel that if you are a few steps removed from your last freelance gig, then you may also be a few steps removed from what’s working today.

I also talk about living the kind of life you want a great deal. I try to mix in what’s going on in my life with the house, family, friends, etc, but I know I could provide a bit more of an insight as well. So that’s the inspiration for today’s show.

My wife is a newly minted freelancer, and she’s doing that so that she can be home with TJ, our one year old son. She has some clients and so has some work to do, but is able to manage them during naps, waking up before TJ does and breaks during the day.

Since I’m more established, I tend to work full long days and the majority of the income for the house.

One thing that we both want though is to be home for TJ, take him to things like Gymboree and swimming lessons, spend some time in the yard because it’s an awesome and sunny day.

In order to keep us both on the same page so that we can get stuff done, we coordinate our calendars at the beginning of the week. We make sure that if one of us has calls to take, that the other blocks that time off in case TJ is up and about (which means that we have to chase him down from playing with cabinets and cat food).

Another thing that we do is make sure that we each get time to our selves. Whether than means getting out of the house to meet up with friends for an evening, or if Grandma comes over to babysit for a little bit while we get out for a nice quiet dinner.

A final thing is that if one of us has a deadline or some high priority work, the other makes sure to block off, even change around their schedule so that there’s TJ coverage. May even be that to ensure a quiet house, a store run with TJ happens.

Communication is key here. Let’s be real, the house wouldn’t be in order if it weren’t for Joanna. She really is the glue that holds it all together. And she deserves all the credit.

So thank you Scott and Amber for today’s inspiration.

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