How to ditch hourly rates?

Jonathan Stark invited me onto his podcast where I unpacked being a platform specialist and how I built a productized service. I actually shared some of the fears I had along the way.

How do I know Jonathan Stark?

Jonathan Stark, author of Hourly Billing is Nuts and host of Ditching Hourly podcast invited me onto his show.

We are a part of a Slack group together and as we were talking about Jonathan’s platform migration from Drip to ConvertKit, he invited me onto the show to talk about how I productized my services as a platform specialist.

In this episode, I had a chance to talk about how I went from a burnt out generalist developer to an in-demand specialist.

How to become a platform specialist

In case you don’t want to read the rest of this, you can check out the full episode for all the details.

There is a lot that goes into specializing your business, you can choose a vertical specialty, a horizontal specialty, or a platform specialty.

In this conversation with Jonathan, we dive into many of the pivot points, thoughts, fears, and strategy behind how I built my business.

In the episode, I shared a variety of things including:

  • How I put myself on the radar of specific platforms?
  • How building relationships and being helpful in the community can create trust
  • How I still choose those who I work with even if I’ve already helped them in the past

Specifically, I talk about how I became a trusted partner of both Drip and ConvertKit.

The main takeaways from this show are:

  • How to identify pieces of your existing services and creating products to sell
  • By being helpful first, your business will grow
  • There are pros and cons to being a platform specialist, which both are that you are tied to that platform.

Definitely go check it out.

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I’d like to thank Jonathan for being a part of it and including me along with amazing folks like Liston Witherill, Jane Portman, and Blair Enns

You rock! 🤘

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