Today is going to be all about a process that I put into my business years ago that I reap the benefits from over and over again. That's onboarding for new clients.

If you want to get my own Onboarding Email Sequence which is 8 emails with the delays I put in between. Along with instructions on how to use them too.

What is onboarding

Onboarding is a term that's thrown around quite often and it has a few different meanings. In the context of this show I'm referring to when a client becomes a client, how are you bringing them into your world.

What sort of process to you have that helps that client understand what this engagement is going to look like.

When you open up any box, there's a quick start guide right?

Even for things that are commonplace like a TV, headphones, or even a mug that I got from my wife as a gift.

That's what an onboarding sequence is for you and your business.

I've heard it as a "Welcome Package." Whatever you want to call it, I want to share with you the 4 essential parts of it that you must include. Then share with you 2 other bonus tips that will help your marketing and sales.

Go ahead and grab mine, the link is in the show notes or by heading to

How to use your service

That's the first part, you want to explain all the ways that a customer can utilize your services. This means how they will communicate with you.

Set the boundaries right here. If you want them to use a ticketing system, email, text messaging. This is how you tell them to do so.

Also share with them what they can expect when they do communicate with you. Will you give them a response in 24 hours? Will there be an automated response? What can they expect during off-hours?

Define that process right from the start so that there's no confusion along the way.

What to expect

This maybe should've been the first since it's most important. If the client knows what to expect from you, then there's no way of misinterpreting anything.

This can also be setting the tone. If you want the client to be open to your suggestions, then share that in a nice way. Be humble, but firm too.

If you need the client to accomplish something by a certain date, share that with them.

Don't assume anything. Even by spelling something out that they may know levels that field.

When to expect

Share with them when they can expect certain things from you. If you send out weekly emails, then tell them when they can expect them. If you have a timeline of tasks, give them ample time to get the things you need but share with them a date when you need it.

Open the line of communication

Having something that immediately goes out to a new client in this way, allows you to open that line up. They feel comfortable because they know how to talk with you. You feel comfortable knowing that you have set the tone and boundaries.

There is none of this awkwardness like it's the 7th grade winter dance and you are wondering who is going to start the conversation.

Bonus Tips

This is your opportunity as the professional to position yourself here. By doing this you are driving the conversation and because of that, you then can ask questions along the way.

Want to know how someone found you? Ask in the very first email.

Want to know why they hired you? Ask while it's still fresh in their minds.

These are opportunities that you can take advantage of get amazing information that you can then turn into your sales copy and conversations with leads.

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