The very first step in specializing your business is to say "no". Once you identified what it is that you don’t want to do, then don’t do it.

It sounds simple, and it really is that simple. Remember you are a freelancer and can do anything you want to shape your business.

The very next lead you get that requires you to do anything in the right 2 quadrants that you defined in the last episode, "How to choose your niche", say “no”.

It’s not about finding and launching yourself into a brand new business direction at once.

It’s the incremental changes that you do in your business, the “testing” in your business, the small steps you take in your business to progress forward, that gets you to your destination.

Specialize and Find your niche

It took me a long time to realize that being everything to everyone was a fast track to the feast or famine cycle. Here is where you’ll find the latest answers to finding your niche and making sure it's a profitable niche.
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