In episode 233 you learned about how to make a productized service. It makes sense that the next question is how do you sell it.

To be perfectly honest, knowing how to sell the productized service really should come before you make it, and here's why.

When you have a productized service, it's super focused and solves a big enough pain that someone has.

That someone has already raised their hand and shared why it's important enough to solve their problem.

When you are working on custom projects and then finding out that you happen to be doing a similar thing on almost every project that gets your clients an immediate win they want. Well, the service essentially has been sold because it's in demand.

I think it'll help to illustrate by example. I have a productized service that migrates people from Drip to ConvertKit.

How I came to create that was a need from my own clients who wanted to reduce their monthly costs as their list grew but weren't using all the advanced features that Drip offers.

So like how I explained in A233 - How do I make a productized server? people already were hiring me for that service and other services like on-site personalization based on email subscriber data because I'm listed in both expert directories.

I had built out this process and it was something to leverage for new clients and gave them a quick win. A big bonus that the quick win helps their bottom line costs.

Yes, it's not something that is going to have someone come back to me to do, but it created a simple way to start to work with me for my larger services at a lower risk.

They see how it is working with me and it's at a much lower risk to get a result than to start with my monthly service.

Why would someone buy it?

Understanding the reasons why someone would want the service is ultimately how you sell it.

What is the pain or frustration that the buyer is looking to solve?

What is the quickest and most simple path to getting that pain or frustration turned around?

Keying in on those elements is how you sell it.

You don't even need to go about advertising it like crazy either. Send out a tweet, a post, or at most set up a landing page.

In that share you put in the frustration point and a call-to-action.

In my case recently, Drip increased its prices pretty dramatically and so I tweeted out "Frustrated with Drip's price increase and looking to lower costs by going to ConvertKit? DM me and let's chat"

I did that maybe a few times in a 2 or 3 week period and it got retweeted. I had about 50 people DM me about it. Of those 50, 10 become legit leads, and 4 took me up on the service.

For something that took me a few seconds to write as a tweet, not a bad return.

All because I already knew why the buyer would make the purchase.

Asking yourself "Why would someone buy this?" doesn't mean that they will.

What you want is someone to say "Can I buy this because I have this problem?"

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