This question came from a freelancer from my cup of coffee call out on my email list.

See every month I throw it out there to set up a 15-minute Cup of Coffee call with me. It’s really just an opportunity to have a get to know you type of chat.

Some folks ask questions, we talk tools, even working relationships for gigs happen.

So when this question came up during a recent conversation I thought it was pretty interesting.

My suggestion was for her to take a look at their website, check out their forums for both opportunities where their customers were struggling with the plugin, but mainly for websites where her services as a translator would help.

Another thing I suggested to her was to reach out to the makers of the plugin and see if you can get onto the radar of their support team as a translator.

Look around online using a tool like and search for sites using WPML, and build up an outreach list of sites that have poor translations.

She emailed back to me last week and told me that she’s landed 8 gigs and 3 of them are recurring. She’s now looking to move up a bit and become an exclusive freelance translator for 5 clients on a monthly basis. You go get ‘em Mia.

If you are looking to start out or break through a particular industry, look within that space and see what the top vendors are and make friends.

Even if the opportunity to make friends isn’t there, no doubt you can find other businesses using those top vendors that could be struggling with something that you can help with.

Being a freelancer is about solving problems. Go ahead and seek out the problems that you can solve, show how you solve them and you’ll be successful at business and ultimately a freelancer.

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