Imagine I was going to bring you $100k in revenue

Today I’m going to turn the tables on you.

It’s time I ask you a question, a serious question and potentially get you leads in the process.

I thought that this would be a great exercise for you. And as a result, you may come away with 2 things.

  1. A better understanding of who your ideal client is.
  2. Maybe a lead or 2

So here’s the scenario…

I will bring you $100,000 in new revenue, what we would offer to the customers?

Assuming that I had the customers and you have the service and/or product to sell, what is it that we are selling them?

I want you to think about it for a minute, then share on Twitter or post on Facebook your response with the hashtag #AskRezzz

But before you do

I don’t want to see tweets like “Web development” or “WordPress theme building” or “SEO”

Think about this $100,000 in revenue and what it represents to the customers and to your business.

Think about who these customers are.

Think about what problems you are solving for them.

Be specific!

For me, my response would be “I help freelancers, especially web developers and designers, through coaching and community looking to specialize or niche their businesses and build recurring revenue so that they can live the kind of life they want.”

The response should say:

  • Who it is for
  • Identifies with their goals
  • What it is that you do
  • What the outcome they can expect

So here it is again – I will bring you $100,000 in new revenue, what we would offer to the customers?

Post your response on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #AskRezzz.

I will see each and every response and probably reply back too.

But more importantly, it’ll help you in putting it out there what it is that you do, spark interest from the right kind of leads, maybe have a few reach out.

And if there’s a project that comes my way that is a better fit for you instead, I would be happy to refer it over to you.

Don’t forget though #AskRezzz with 3 z’s otherwise I may not see it.

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