How to improve your sales process as a freelancer?

Find out how to close those who are sitting on the fence to going with you

This is something that is normally best done over a call or face-to-face. It’s much harder over email.

But when done a few times, you’ll know exactly what you are missing in your sales.

If someone says to you “I need to think about this” or any of the variations of that.

Respectfully respond with empathy on the decision and then follow up with asking them what it will take.

You do this by simply asking them, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being we’ll never start this project together, and 10 being let’s do this right now, where do are you right now?

If they answer 6 or 7, which is probably where most will sit, follow up by asking “what do I have to do to make that a 10 for you?”

Add in a tactic to get more leads to your business with your current clients

I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried this tactic myself, but I’ve heard others do it pretty successfully.

When you get a brand new client, before you present your proposal to them, ask if they want to get $X off of the project.

When they say “yes”, then explain to them at the end of the project, if they can refer to you names of 5 other people who could use your services, they’ll get that discount.

I’m not a fan of discounting, but I can see this being a pretty successful campaign because if you landed 10% of the referrals, that would totally cover your costs on the discount.

Add in a strategy that involves you reaching out to new people

For example, every single day, reach out a business or to someone who could be your target client on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or your platform of choice.

By using a quick DM to say very quickly that you admire something that they are doing, something that you do and how you can add value to what they are already doing, it’ll go a long way.

If you do that every single day for a quarter and only close 5% of those leads, you’ll have 4 new clients. If you continue to do that over the course of a year, that’ll be 18 brand new clients this year.

I think you’ll agree that these 3 things aren’t hard at all to put in place today, right?

If you do all 3, then you’ll be improving aspects to bring more business opportunities in with leads, hot leads, and clients. Can’t beat that!

Which one are you going to try first?

In fact, let’s do this. Tweet me @rezzz on Twitter with a 1, 2, 3, or multiple of them and hashtag #askrezzz.

So if you are doing the 1-10 rating, put 1. If you are doing the referral discount, put 2. If you are doing the DM per day, put 3.

Can’t wait to see how successful you are.

You rock! 🤘

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