Is my niche too narrow?

As a freelancer, I don’t think there is a niche that’s too narrow. By focusing in on a specific group of people and solving their problems, you create a bunch of raving fans. If you can specifically produce results for people, then those customers become raving fans.

Especially in freelancing, having a set of raving fans is gold, because word-of-mouth is so strong and often times how most freelancers get more work.

Think about your own buying habits. Think of how others buy. Folks are tied to Apple products like it’s the only option out there, right? And to think they started by building computers that really couldn’t compete in the market. Then launched the iPod and took off. A tiny music player that folks could download music to and didn’t need to carry around CDs anymore. Now we’ve got iPhones and MacBooks all over the place right?

I was an early adopter of MP3 players and most of them sucked. Until the iPod. It was a very tiny niche (almost to say that it wasn’t even a niche). And it essentially revitalized a company.

If the niche is narrow and there are folks really looking to scratch that itch, they will pay for it and you’ll have raving fans for life.

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