Janelle Allen of zencourses.co is an Instructional Designer who specialized in custom online course that improves student results invited me to her podcast.

At the time of this recording, it hasn't come out yet, but I thought that I'd share an answer to a question that she asked me on the show.

She asks all her guests this question.

"The zombie apocalypse has hit. You have 6 minutes to grab 3 essential items and your family is fine. What do you grab?

As someone who's watched many zombie movies from a very young age all the way to today with The Walking Dead, this was a welcomed and fun question.

Since I've actually thought about this over the years I had my answer at the ready.

My winter coat, a broom, and my skis.

A broom because you can carve the handle into a point and use it to defend yourself with some level of distance.

That's the obvious item in this list.

Like Janelle, you may be scratching your head a bit at the winter coat and skis.

It's simple, first of all, there's never been a movie, tv show, or anything zombie related where it's taking place in the snow.

So I'm going north when the zombie apocalypse hits.

If you are thinking, "Jason, but you are basing your logic off of movies." Of course, I am, this whole scenario is predicated on a hypothetical movie scenario.

But I'm open to the conversation, so let's look at it this way.

Zombies aren't exactly fleet of foot. They often get caught up on branches, stuck in the mud, and even caught up on fences.

It stands to reason that in waist deep snow, they wouldn't fare too well either.

Additionally, snowy regions tend to be less populated which reduces the number of potential zombies.

If I can find a mountainous area, then there could be a natural way in which to protect myself and family as well.

I pose this question to you. If your family is good, and you have 6 minutes to grab 3 items in the zombie apocalypse, what would you grab? Shoot me a tweet and let me know.

If you are wondering how all this relates to your business, it doesn't. I thought that I would have some fun today in answering an oddball question so that you can maybe get a glimpse into other parts of my head.

If you absolutely need it to relate to business, the one thing I can say is to put yourself in a position where the odds swing in your favor.

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