What are lead generation techniques to get me out of the feast and famine revenue cycle?

In the last 5 episodes, I shared with you a course called Stop the Cycle where Curtis McHale and myself to be delivered to you on November 30th at 3:30 PM EST.

If this is something you have interest in, go to Stop The Cycle and register now. It is $199 now but will go up on Black Friday. So get it now.

A few people who have registered, jumped in and shared some feedback they had, well because we asked them what is it that they hope to get out of the course. What sparked you in deciding to join us. We want to make sure whoever joins us, gets the most value from it.

This came by way of a question from one of those people.

So with anything in business, it comes down to who you are, who you work with, and most importantly what’s working right now.

The great thing about the Stop the Cycle course is that you will get 2 people’s point of view on running a business that is quite similar.

What’s worked for me hasn’t for Curtis and vice versa.

We are going to give you our best strategies and techniques that has landed us great work over the past decade, and still does to this very day.

What I want you to do right now is to think about what’s working for you today.

Also I want you to think about what is it about that lead generation strategy that you want to get away from? And why?


See for me, podcasting has been a great lead generation strategy for me. Ever since I started my business I found podcasting to be beneficial to me in a variety of different ways including widening my network and positioning myself in the market.


Curtis is a writer of several books and does a ton of writing very well. He gets paid to write for other companies and it also brings in clients to him as well. He does a lot of content marketing, writing specifically, well to be honest, hasn’t worked as well for me.

Seeking out specific conversations

Another tactic that I will dive deep on is jumping into highly specific conversations on Twitter and Facebook. By targeting certain keywords, I built a system to look for those keywords and then ping me in Slack when a tweet contained that keyword.

This way it allowed me to be mindful of my time so that I can not be distracted for 20, 30, or 60 minutes down the social media rabbit hole.

If my sales bot pings me in Slack, I can look at it in realtime or later even, and if it’s relevant, jump into that conversation and then get back to work.

Time Management

Curtis will dive into the time management since he’s much better at this than I. He has literally written the book on Analog Productivity. Curtis has built his business to work around his schedule and he’ll show you how to do this so that you actually have the time to market yourself.

If you are wondering what else you are going to get out of this course is that you’ll get lead generation strategies. A huge benefit of this course is that you will get both of us and hear our takes on various strategies, how we approached them, and hear how different things worked for us.

We both have families that we enjoy spending time with, businesses that are stable that support our families and afford us to enjoy the kind of lives we want.

When you attend live, you’ll have both of us to ask your questions to. We both are firm believers in being able to talk and interact with you so that you come away with specific actionable takeaways for your business. So that’s the benefit of jumping into the course now and joining us live on November 30 at 3:30PM EST.

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