How to respond to “I don’t need strategy, can you just do…”?

In How to overcome objections in sales, you briefly learned about leaning into what they want and then directing them down the right path.

Leaning in, or being empathetic during a sales process is really about giving the lead what they want.

Whether they want the lowest cost, the best value, to comparison shop, etc, it’s in your best interest to give them what they want.

When you think about sales, instead of thinking about closing every deal, think about how to have them leave your conversation in a better place.

You aren’t going to convince anyone they need you. They have to realize that themselves.

If they feel they need something that you don’t have or do, the best thing to do is to put them on the path to getting that.

One of my favorite quotes is from Pippin Williamson founder of Sandhills Development.

“If it’s a hard sell, let them go.”

If it’s hard to have a conversation with someone and suggest a course of action, how do you think a project will be working together?

Ever have a lead say “I don’t need the strategy, can you just write the code” or “Can you just design the logo without the full brand?”

The answer is simple.

“I will design you a logo, but how will you know it’ll be effective for the brand.”

“I can certainly write the code, but how will that code fit with the rest of the application and do what you need it to do.”

“Is that what you want?”

Lean in to what they want.

Explain that the strategy and process is all a part of the code or design. Without it, it’s just a visual element.

Without your process, you have no way of knowing with confidence that the solution you are providing will be successful.

This lead is often a price buyer, maybe a touch of the “know-it-all” buyer as well.

Explain that the price is the same with or without the strategy. Encourage them that there are other low cost options out there for them to use.

It’s like building a house without a blueprint. It may stand, be a 3 bedroom house. But you were expecting it to withstand a hurricane and be 5 bedroom house.

What they are looking for is your value, but for cheap and that just isn’t possible.

Let them go and come back.

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