How do you make it simple for a lead to sign?

As a business owner, as a salesperson, which if you are freelancing I hate to break the news here, but you are in sales, you need to close the open loops in the decision making for your leads and clients.

We don’t have control over the decision-making process anyone has, but we can lead them to that decision.

We can create a path to that decision that makes it easy for them to make a choice.

You do a great job of getting people interested in you, yet in the final moment of helping them decide, you fall down.

You fall down because you leave the decision making solely on their shoulders.

This final moment is the tough part. It’s the part where I struggled with too. But it’s the part that needs to be mastered in order for you to have a sustainable business.

Remove choices and create easy options

In sales, it’s your job to put the lead on the path to solving their problem. This is the mindset you need to be in so that you overcome objections in sales.

When you remove choices and create easy options for a lead, they are more likely to buy from you.

Your goal should be to create a statement that presents a choice to them.

I was on a FB Live talking about follow-up and I said “There are 2 types of businesses online, ones who become freebie folks and ones who actually sell and make money.”

And now I wasn’t selling anything, but in the midst of the conversation, it framed everyone there watching, including the host, where they sat.

It made perfect sense for them to go ahead and see what they needed to do or take action on based from this live stream at that time.

By removing all the choices on how to do a follow-up sequence, how many emails, what tools to use, when to send them, and so on, I positioned the simple action of just doing a follow-up sequence against making money or not.

As service-based businesses, you and I have so many things that we know we can do for a lead to help them out.

The leads know they need the help, they just aren’t sure of the right choice or the right decision to make.

By painting a picture of who they are today and where they want to be with a simple action for them to take, you remove all the choices and give them the easy option to choose.

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