We’ve all got them right? Even when we are working on client stuff, there are things that we are passionate about, mess around with, even do as a hobby with no real upside to them other than it just makes us happy.

And so I was I was chatting with a friend of mine who has a full-time job and loves it. He asked me, “how do you make time for your side projects?”

I simply replied, “By doing exactly what you said, make time.”

Now we can’t make time and I want to tip my cap to my friend Curtis for always hitting me on my head with that notion. But he’s right.

How to prioritize your time

What we do though is prioritize time and make room in our every day for the important things.

Time is the only thing we never get back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. What you do with your time is what you are saying is important to you.

Sure there are times where there are sacrifices to be made and that’s obviously just a way of life. But you can adjust and still cover what you want and need.

Case in point, yesterday at 4PM I walked out of my office just to grab a drink of water and heard TJ by the front door saying “Daddy, Daddy” as he normally does when he hears me emerge from my office.

I had planned on finishing the day by drafting up a few emails. Which would’ve taken me about 30 more minutes.

My wife said that they were going to go for a walk around the block and asked if I wanted to come.

My answer was simple and quick. “Sure.”

See right there in those few seconds, the priority of the next 30-45 minutes of my day was evaluated and set. Because I do what I do to have the time freedom and flexibility in my schedule to spend time with my family, it was an easy thing to say “yes” to.

Now what happened to those emails? Well I woke up a little bit earlier today and wrote them.

So today’s episode is a short one, but I want to leave you with this.

Think about all the things you’ve got going on. All the ideas, projects, and goals you have. Next time you are faced with a choice to make based on the time that you have at the given moment, think about what option aligns with your goals.

Then push the other option aside and if it’s still important enough, create space in your day tomorrow to check it off the list.

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