What do you think about Gutenberg? Schmutenberg!

Death, taxes and change in technology are the only guarantees in life. If you worry yourself over any of these 3 things, you’re wasting your time.

Finally it’s landed. The Gutepocalypse!

I say that in jest because this has been the biggest anticipated release since Star Wars Phantom Menace.

WordPress 5.0 is what I’m referencing here, and before you tune out because you aren’t in the WordPress space, I encourage you to stay tuned because this is not about that as much as it’s about technology and your clients.

When Apple released the iPhone back in 2007, most people with a Motorola Razor said “that is huge and what would I even do with that?”

When Amazon released the Echo in 2015 and I bought it, my wife said, “what’s the point of this thing? There’s no way I’m ever going to talk to this.” Now she’s using it all day and much more than I ever have.

In case you aren’t in the WordPress space, 5.0 is the release of Gutenberg. It’s the brand new default editor for WordPress, which has the whole place in an uproar. It’s been this way for a couple of years to be honest.

Some people hate it, some people love it – both have very valid reasons. When asked, I usually respond with indifference.

I truly am indifferent of an opinion to any change in technology, especially when it comes to my business, mainly because it’s nothing I have control over.

Whether or not I like the change that’s coming, it’s coming. So no use distracting myself with the drama surrounding it. It’s a matter of figuring out if the change in that technology still aligns with the need of my clients.

See I’ve always lived by the rule, business should drive the technology and not the other way around.

Does change affect business, sure, I’m not denying that at all. But I’m saying that when using technology for our clients, we ultimately have little to no say in the direction of that technology.

Companies have their own agenda and purpose. We have to serve our clients the best way we know how. We have to solve our clients’ problems.

Our clients come to us for our experience and expertise on how to solve their problems.

That’s what we should worry about most.

Not whether there’s a UI change.

Not whether there’s a leadership change.

I’ve been a web developer since 1998. During that time, I’ve developed in Frontpage, Homesite, Java, PHP, TCL, VB, COM, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and countless platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, WordPress and others.

These are all tools to solve a particular problem at the time.

I encourage you to look at technology as a tool in your tool belt. If that tool no longer serves it’s purpose in solving the problem the best way and there is a better one, time to move on.

If you resist any change for the sake of staying put, you aren’t serving anyone, your client or yourself in a good way.

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