You hear a lot about niching down on this show. Many different actionable takeaways for you to be able to work through defining your specialty.

But one thing I found myself to be beneficial is to hear how others do it. Especially others that I feel may not be too much further down the road than me. Which is why for me it’s important to always be in the freelance services side of things so that I can provide you with the best content possible that works for today’s market.

If you are interested in hearing stories about someone else’s journey, head on over to Live In The Feast.

Season 4 is such an amazing season for some many reasons.

If you aren’t a listener to Live In The Feast podcast, it’s a seasonal show. Each season has a theme, Season 1 is Getting Clients, Season 2 is Marketing, Season 3 is Origin Stories, and Season 4 is Niching Down.

Then in each episode, there will be a deep dive into a specific strategy, question, tip, or storyline for about 30-40 minutes. At the end of the show, you’ll be able to walk away from it with an actionable takeaway to implement into your business right then.

I’m all about taking the action. Consumption of information only works when action is taken on that information.

I’m so excited to bring some amazing and brilliant people who run very successful businesses. And their success is defined by themselves and how they run their business.

Each episode will go into a bit of their story and then myself and the co-host will discuss a specific topic based around specializing your business.

Questions like “how do you test the waters while still doing existing client work?”

“How to fill-in the gaps in a niche that’s already occupied?”

“How to build a proper value proposition to explain what you do?”

“How to position yourself as the go-to person in your niche”

“How to get and use the language of your client?”

Each co-host has niched down and has a very specific business model that serves a particular client extremely well.

The episode they come on will be focused on what they’ve been more successful in.

Head on over to Live In The Feast to listen to amazing folks like Josh Doody, Sara Dunn, Matt Medeiros, Chris Blintiff, John Locke, Elliot Murphy, Troy Dean, Lianna Patch and more.

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Having introverted tendencies is something most freelancers have, myself include. But getting outside of the comfort zone and speaking, guesting on other podcasts, or writing on other blogs is something that’s allowed me to answer plenty of questions for others and help them in ways I could have never imagined.
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