This was such an awesome question that someone inside of the Feast community asked during our monthly round up call this month, I had to share it.

I’ve been asked this many times before. In fact, I’ve wrestled with it myself over the years.

Let me quickly paint a picture for you.

The Scarlet Letter of Services or Service Stigma

You offer 2 different types of services to 2 different types of clients. One of those types of clients essentially looks down at the other service for some reason. Whether they believe that the skillset isn’t advance enough, or that those working in that field must not be great at providing other services. Basically attaching a stigma to it.

It’s like “the other side of the tracks” metaphor, if you will.

On the call, it was suggested to create different landing pages for both and hope that the one client you are trying to keep away from the one service doesn’t find it.

This is one option, but I wouldn’t count on them not finding out what all your services are in the end anyway. Thus requiring you more work and more stress in trying to figure out a way to market yourself, but also hide yourself at the same time.

For me, and this could be the NYer in me shining through a bit, it was my decision to just put all my services on equal footing.

Your services are how you serve your clients

If you goto my services page, you will see distinct types of customers and how I can best serve them, even if the services I provide are pretty much the same.

How I can best serve them… To me that’s what’s important.

If you are a blogger using ConvertKit and looking for someone to build out some email campaigns for you, let’s talk.

If you are an e-commerce store using Drip and looking to build out some complex integrations with cart abandonment and on-site personalization, let’s talk.

If you are an influencer running a membership site or coach selling your programs on WordPress looking to grow your membership’s retention rate, let’s talk.

Each of those types of clients are very distinct, but if they know who they are and what they need, they will follow the correct path and won’t care what other services I provide.

Have you ever hired someone to do your driveway? I’m actually in the process right now actually.

Well those that do driveways also often times do chimney work too.

Did I know that? No, but after finding out, makes sense right?

Do I care how they do their work on the chimney jobs? Maybe slightly just from a professional standpoint, but 95% of what I care about is how well they do on the driveway projects.

What sort of substrate do they plan on using? Will this crack in 5 years or last me for the next 20? What kind of pavers work best for my area? That’s what I care about as the consumer.

And I think that’s really what most clients would care about too. How well you can solve their problems?

It’s in our own heads that we think that we’ll hurt ourselves by putting these services side-by-side. When in reality, we are just creating more stress and headaches for ourselves.

Getting clients to respect you

If a client has a rails app and used Drip for their email automation and thinks that I can’t get them great results because I also do WordPress development, then maybe that person isn’t the right fit anyway.

If you’ve listened to past episodes where I talk about discovering your ideal client, personality is a HUGE part of that.

I want our personalities to mesh well together. If they want to test me, that’s fine, but if they put some stigma on me and take it to a point where it is disrespectful, then that’s on them.

If there’s a sense of that during our initial conversations, we will either talk about it, or move on in our separate ways.

It is a missed opportunity, sure, but I want to work with people who will respect what I do and the value I can bring to them and their business.

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