How do you price your services on your site?

This is a hard question to answer because in general terms, I don’t know your client, and that is really what it will come down to.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

Build recurring revenue

I’m always a fan of anything that brings in recurring revenue.

If this is the first time you’ve listened to this podcast, just go ahead and look at the titles of the episodes of this and Live In The Feast and you’ll know I’m a fan of building recurring revenue.

So with that being said, I’ll always lean in that direction regardless of how the pricing is laid out. And if you want help in defining your recurring revenue opportunities, let’s have a chat.

Why put prices on your website for services?

When you put prices on your website, I encourage you to think why? When I did it, it was to filter out tire kickers. I found that I was getting more shoppers than buyers. I was ok with the drop in leads to the business if it meant that more qualified leads were getting through and becoming clients.

Pricing on my website sets the conversation around the lead’s potential budget and if they don’t match, then there’s no point in moving forward.

I am fully aware that you may be skeptical about putting pricing on your website because you don’t want to pigeon hole yourself into that price alone if a larger project comes along. I get that.

I am fully aware that you may worry about the drop in leads to your business by putting those prices on your website. I get that.

But what you don’t realize is that putting prices on your website isn’t the ceiling, it’s the floor of what you will do work for.

How to put prices on your website as a freelancer?

To circle back to the question, packages are fine if you are delivering on items that you know your leads understand to a “T”. Because most of the time, those packages are laid out on those pricing grids that list the features and the lead will select which one they want to go with.

However if the messaging isn’t right or your leads don’t understand the value in the features, you may turn them away even if they are ideal clients for you.

If you put one price on your website, then you’ll want to say on there exactly what they are getting for that price, but then if you want to do add-ons, make sure that you mention those as well.

Otherwise if you say you are doing website design for $1000 and then get into the sales conversation and you then say web development on top of the design is another $3000. You’ll immediately seem like you are a bait and switch artist and turn your lead away.

Pricing is fun to play around with and see what works. Play with it and see – give it 6 months one way and then 6 months another way. See the responses you get (or don’t get) and then that will tell you which way to go with your pricing on your website.

Bottom line though, how you present it is truly a matter of understanding your leads and clients.

You should give them options, but too many options and that causes confusions.

Figure out what your value metric is. That’s the one thing in your business that as you give more of it to your client, it costs you more.

The value metric is what should be the deciding factor in those options. It will determine your profitability and sustainability as a business.

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