Should I put pricing on my website?

Case for putting pricing on your website

The thought with putting pricing on your website is so that you start to weed out the tire kickers.

This is simply to protect your time and profits.

See you have a minimum per project and the last thing you want to happen is for you to go through the entire sales conversation to get to the point of discussing budget and come to the conclusion that you are miles apart.

By putting your pricing up on your website, you eliminate that wasted time spent.

Case for not putting pricing on your website

The case for not putting a price on your website is often that you don’t want to pigeon hole yourself.

It’s really this fear of missing out that happens here where you think that if you put prices up there and a project comes along that is right for you and they see your prices. They won’t even bother.

Whether it’s your prices are lower than their budget and they feel that you may not have enough experience to do their project.

Or that you are way out of their league with their budget and can’t help.

What I do and why

I put prices on my website.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that putting your prices can be a scary thing to do. You feel like you are locking yourself in, or that you can’t change the prices during the midst of the conversations if they’ve already seen your prices on the web.

Well that’s wrong. There are plenty of times where during a sales conversation I have adjusted the price up or down to suit the need of the project.

You run your own business, remember?

I put my prices on my website because it frames the conversation from the start. If someone has a budget and whether I can fit or not into that budget, then I want them to know that.

I’m all about not wasting time. I try to answer any and all questions up front and as early on in the process as I can.

If you don’t want to put your prices on your site, I would encourage you to at least put something that opens the conversation and addresses about your pricing.

Stop having conversations with folks that want your service for free.

You can do so in a variety of ways:

  • Explain the factors that go into your prices and how your process can affect it.
  • Put a price range.
  • It builds trust.
  • Without prices, there’s a perception that they can’t afford it.
  • Leverage testimonials in a way to frame your prices.

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