How to have a productive week?

In A152 – How do you do a review of your week? I talk about how important my weekly reviews are. It’s actually quite scary how my wife can tell Sunday afternoons how distracted or off my game I am if I haven’t done my review that morning.

Can I be completely candid with you right now? This is a funny question to me because about 2 weeks ago…talking with a friend…when I start looking…I’m just distracting myself.

I’m going to share with you X strategies to have a productive week, without question, but you need to really figure out what works best for you. The tools, strategies, methods that make me productive may not be right for you and that’s ok. Just like maybe you are a night person and I’m a morning person. It’s just how we are wired.

So let’s dive in.

Plan ahead

(I guarantee this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this before.)You need to plan your week before it starts. Whether that means you take Friday afternoon before you shut down for the weekend or are like me and plan on Sunday, you have to hit the ground running Monday morning knowing what you are working on.

Not planning ahead already sets you up for a slow start to the week.

My take: The reason I do Sunday mornings is so that I’m away from the fires of the week and can look objectively at all the things going on in the business. This allows me to prioritize the time effectively.

Use a calendar and put the important stuff on it first

There’s only so much time in a day. So the very first thing you is to use a calendar. Post-its are great for ideas and thoughts, not for time based planning.

Use your calendar as a constraint and for accountability.

Put all the important things like date night, workouts, Dr appointments, vacations, time with the family down on the week first. If it’s not already on there.

Next put your marketing and sales activities on your calendar. This is the blood of your business and needs to be something you prioritize doing in each and every week.

My take: Every single week we take my son to the Little Gym and that is non-negotiable. Sure there has been a time when something has come up that only my wife went with him, but 99% of the time, I’m there because it’s important to me.

Use booking application

You are having sales calls, client calls, and networking calls with friends and colleagues. They all take a different type of energy level to do and different amount of time as well.

By using a tool like Calendly or Acuity( it allows you to create events based around your calendar and the availability you set within the application.

Then you get a link to send off where the other person can pick a time slot that works best for them based around what you have available.

My take: By setting up specific availability, you are able to guard your time. You are also able to dedicate certain days or parts of the day based around your energy and concentration levels.

Theme your days

Whether it’s a full day dedicated to a piece of your business or a part of your day, I’ll leave that to you.

But make sure that if Monday is meant for Client A and Tuesday is meant for sales and marketing and Wednesday is Client B and Thursday is content and so on, keep to that.

Switching around is scientifically proven to be a detriment to productivity. If you can batch a single bunch of hours to a specific activity, your brain will easily move through those tasks.

My take: Base your days around your energy levels. As an example I like to leave my low energy tasks like administrative tasks towards the end of the day and end of the week. I’m most productive when it comes to tasks needing high concentration levels in the morning, so I won’t schedule most calls in the morning.

When I started out, I allowed calls and emails to run my week. I would take calls instead of scheduling and have my email open all day. I found myself consistently behind the 8-ball on projects and things like the business were always pushed aside.

That put me right into the feast or famine cycle. When I started guarding my time, prioritizing what is important, figuring out how to do that, and then just going ahead to do it, my stress levels and anxiety began to wane.

Peace of mind for myself and my clients became a reality.

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