How do I know Steve Folland?

Steve Folland is a creative video and audio freelancer and host of Being Freelance podcast.

This was an awesome experience chatting with Steve because I’ve been a listener of his podcast for quite a long time. So I felt a bit like “long time listener, first time caller” at first. Which for me is a bit strange because I don’t normally feel that way.

I was having a chat with him through the comments of one of Steve’s vlogs on YouTube and asked him if he had any room for a guest and he graciously invited me on.

In this episode, I had a chance to talk about the following:

“I’ve reached my goal, what’s next?”

In case you don’t want to read the rest of this, you can check out the full episode for all the details.

In the episode, I shared a variety of things including:

  • The number one reason for me to freelance in the first place
  • How I learned HTML back in the 90s that I don’t recommend anyone ever doing
  • 3 stories of my life, 2 of which are true and one is a lie

Specifically, I talk about my biggest hurdle when starting my own business. It was a scary time for sure, but with some self-awareness and support, I came through it.

The main takeaways from this show are:

  • Setting up processes with the goal of sustainability in mind
  • How I can help

Definitely go check it out.

If you have a chance too, check out a few of the other episodes as well.

I’d like to thank Steve for being a part of it and including me along amazing folks in Season 6 like Gareth K Thomas, (Moytza Zhovey) Mojca Zove, and Kate Toon

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Having introverted tendencies is something most freelancers have, myself include. But getting outside of the comfort zone and speaking, guesting on other podcasts, or writing on other blogs is something that’s allowed me to answer plenty of questions for others and help them in ways I could have never imagined.
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