Last week you learned how to review your sales process, just as important as that is, so to you should be reviewing each and every project that comes through your business.

Ever feel like you finished a project and felt like the weight of the world lifted up off your shoulders. Suddenly you have this sense of relief that is so strong you wonder how you got sucked into that mess in the first place?

It's so easy to get sucked into the excitement of a brand new project. Being able to see an opportunity and hear about how you can solve someone else's problem simply from your skillset is the high we all get at the beginning.

Just like getting drunk though, this high clouds judgment. It also clouds your awareness of subtle signals that are indicators that maybe this project isn't a right fit for your business.

It actually hinders our instincts to "know better" especially from past experiences.

You want to hone those instincts and make them so strong that the high only happens after your instincts, your gut, tells you it's ok.

Questions to ask after a project is over

Once a project is over, you should sit down for 15-30 minutes and digest everything.

Ask yourself 5 questions.

  1. How do I feel now that the project is completed?
  2. Did this work help me reach my goals?
  3. What problems did I face that I didn't anticipate?
  4. How did my estimates (on budget, time, expectations) compare to the actuals?
  5. Did something happen in the midst of the project that I should've seen coming but didn't?

Once you answered these questions, reflect on the answers and pull up your initial project brief/application that you had the client fill out and see if there are any correlations to be made.

This is the "Hindsight Exercise".

You now are standing in the future of what that application came to be. You know how well or bad the project went. Within the application, you want to look for indications in what that client filled out so that you can then go ahead and look for in your next lead.

Again whether it's good or bad.

This is where you are honing your instincts, your gut. You are allowing time for you to pick up on indicators of both good and bad earlier on in your sales so that you can have more success with your projects.

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